About us

Welcome to Holidays Bhutan, taking you into the enchanting kingdom of Bhutan! With decades of experience in curating unforgettable journeys, we take pride in offering you the most exceptional and unique tours and experiences which await you in the Himalayan Kingdom.

Our loyal and committed team invites you to experience Bhutan in its most pristine self. Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, Bhutan is a land of mystical landscapes, vibrant traditions, and untouched natural beauty. As a pioneering travel company, our decades of experience has allowed us to craft meticulously designed itineraries that showcase Bhutan & rich culture, stunning landscapes, and hidden gems.

WHY Holidays BHUTAN?

Everybody returned back home with friends in Bhutan.

Holidays Bhutan crafts exclusive holiday packages with itineraries to suit your private/personal/group travel needs and expectations. As a seasoned one-stop travel host, we are prompt, intuitive and flexible to accommodate any special travel customizations from emergency flight ticket revalidation and reissuance to arranging ultra-luxury tours at moment’s notice.
We look forward to hosting your memorable holidays in Bhutan!


See the Bhutan through our eyes as you travel with Holidays Bhutan. Our trips have each been individually designed to immerse you in the heart of the places and cultures you visit.

Holidays Bhutan not only cater to popular tourist attractions and activities but we have many unique and out of the box experiences and we go out of our way to create a memorable experience of Bhutan. We make sure that our guests get to feel the pulse of Bhutan so that they take back home a wholesome experience of Bhutan.